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“my painting is an invitation, a passage of reaching your intellectual world.”

— Hyunah Kim, 2020

I recently moved to Germany.

It is not easy to leave the place where you have lived for over 30 years and start anew in an unfamiliar place. However, I am confident that this will have a very deep inspiration in my life and my work.

My painting supplies are currently on their way by the ocean, and I will likely be able to start working again in August. Ready to ship paintings will be shipped immediately after ordering, as before. However, made-to-order paintings are available from August. If you order my paintings in the meantime, I will start working on them in order from August.

Thank you very much for your patience. - Hyunah Kim (5/6/2024)


Nice to meet you!

This is Hyunah Kim I paint abstract acrylic & oil paintings in a style that is unique and innovative in the modern art world. The paintings combine vivid bright colors that will illuminate any room and imbue it with an artistic modern look.
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I use nothing but the finest materials to make sure the final piece will last for hundreds of years with the original colors. Fine Italian canvas - the world's highest quality canvas, High quality paints that preserve vivid colors and shades over time.
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