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About Hyunah Kim

"the key themes of my art is ‘wonder’. I want to make an art that makes the viewer wonder."

Art is not mathematics, there is no certain answer.  Nor a novel, which has to be explained in every detail. With a pictorial language such as color, line, shape and form, I try to make a strong composition, so the viewers can experience an intellectual play while they see my art. In our post-modernism era, I want to make abstract art that is refreshing, pleasant, heartwarming yet sophisticated. My art is an enjoyable product of consciousness and unconsciousness.

“my painting is an invitation, a passage of reaching your intellectual world.”

Hyunah is specialized on Abstract, Contemporary and Modern paintings. Since 2002 when she finished her Master’s degree in Fine Arts in Eastern Illinois University, she’s been painting for LeftArtBank and Artists Guild of America for many years and also worked as a freelancer on a online shop,

Therefore, her paintings are hanging on various furniture stores and displayed as a “exclusive” and “best seller” on Based on her distinctive background, Hyunah recently opened an online store at Etsy, Saatchiart, Singulart, Art Finder and sells her original work and prints there.


Studio Journal

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Bestselling Artists of July

Jul 25, 2023

I was selected as "Bestselling Artists of July" by Saatchi Art. I sell my work through several platforms, one of whic...

Interview with Moma UK

Jul 7, 2023

One of the questions I get a lot is about the concept of my painting and what I paint. I recently had an intervi...


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