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Fantastic Journey Through Large Original Abstract Acrylic Painting, Contemporary Modern Canvas Wall Art | Ludens

Made To Order

I create the painting upon purchase, please allow me at least 14-21 working days to create and ship your new artwork. Obviously your painting won't be 100% identical to the one pictured above, but I promise you it will be every bit as beautiful. You will receive the same quality and beauty of the painting that you see in the pictures. I'd be happy to send you a photo of your painting prior to shipping for your approval.

Immerse yourself in the playful universe of "Ludens", an abstract modern painting that delightfully interprets pictorial elements of art. This canvas wall art spins a captivating tale, employing a striking palette of turquoise and light pink to create a sensation akin to billowing reflections. The narrative encapsulated within "Ludens" transports viewers to an enchanting dimension, where colors dance and forms shift in an ever-changing ballet of artistic expression. The combination of soothing turquoise and warm light pink evoke a sense of calm and comfort, while the abstract nature of the painting stirs curiosity and imagination. "Ludens", through its thoughtful treatment of color and composition, transforms the conventional into the extraordinary, offering a fresh perspective on abstract modern art. Step into this delightful artistic journey and let "Ludens" inspire a sense of wonder and whimsy in your space.

Mediums: Acrylic painting, oil pastel, pencil on canvas
Colors: Turquoise, Sky Blue, Pink, Red, Teal, Orange, Grey, Black and White

This is a 100% hand painted artwork by Hyunah Kim. The artist will sign the front and back of the canvas. Also you will receive a certificate of authenticity of your painting.

Dimensions (Width x Height)

Choose Stretched or Unstretched?

Stretched painting comes with wood stretched bars that have been attached against the back of the painting (Ready to hang).

Unstretched painting (Rolled in a tube) does not contain any stretcher bars on it back to support it.

SHIPPING (USA MAINLAND & CANADA): You can choose STRETCHED or UNSTRETCHED option. I will ship via UPS with Free Shipping no matter what option you choose.

SHIPPING (INTERNATIONAL & ALL OVERSEAS): Please select UNSTRETCHED option, it will be rolled and carefully packaged in a rigid tube to avoid damage during the journey to your home. Upon receiving the piece you can have it stretched or framed at a local framer. If you would like to receive the stretched canvas as is, please contact me first or send me a payment for the actual shipping cost additionally after purchase.

Want to Frame Your Painting?

For US or Canada customers only!

The Canvas Floating Frame has no backing, only the sides, so if you want to frame your painting, you must select "STRETCHED" as the stretching option for your painting.

If you would like to receive your painting framed, please select a frame option through this page.

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This is Hyunah Kim. I paint abstract acrylic & oil paintings in a style that is unique and innovative in the modern art world. The paintings combine vivid bright colors that will illuminate any room and imbue it with an artistic modern look.

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