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Metal - Black with Gold Canvas Floater Frame

I offer this for my clients who buy my paintings to help save them from the huge expense of a PRICEY FRAME SHOP or the long wait times that can be involved with going to a frame shop. Also not everyone can fit a huge painting in their car to get it to the framers so I am very happy to say that I can take all that hassle away and now ship all size paintings to your door ready to hang and framed!

A beautiful metal floating frame can be added to your artwork. Available in black, gunmetal and black with gold, and black with silver, our metal floating frames are 1 3/4" | 4.45 cm deep and perfect for showcasing your artwork with a true gallery look. A metal floater frame will add an additional 1/2" | 1.27 cm in size around your whole artwork.


Wich size of frame do I have to choose?

Simply you can choose the frame size same as your painting size.

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This is Hyunah Kim I paint abstract acrylic & oil paintings in a style that is unique and innovative in the modern art world. The paintings combine vivid bright colors that will illuminate any room and imbue it with an artistic modern look.

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