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Large Original Abstract Art Sensuous Expression of Colors Modern Contemporary Painting | Rever (48"x48")


This painting is a one-of-a-kind painting, which means that once this painting is sold, it will not be further produced until a similar mood painting is done as a commission work request. This painting takes 2-4 days to prepare for delivery.

- Acrylic painting, oil pastel, pencil and mixed media on canvas<
- Size: 48"x48" | 121x121cm

Introducing "Rever," a captivating abstract painting that beautifully showcases the mesmerizing expression of colors through various layers and blending techniques. Embracing the essence of pure visual delight, this artwork forgoes any specific message to immerse viewers in the rich and captivating world of hues.

With its large size and modern, contemporary allure, "Rever" becomes an exquisite centerpiece that effortlessly elevates any space. Allow the enchanting play of colors to awaken your senses and evoke profound emotions as you embrace the artistry of this remarkable creation.

This is an one of a kind artwork, created and painted by Hyunah Kim in January, 2023. All the sides of the canvas are painted as extensions of the painting, so it is ready to hang (The canvas depth is 1.5"| 4cm). It is signed on the front and back of the canvas. Also you will receive a certificate of authenticity of your painting.

Want to Frame Your Painting?

For US or Canada customers only!

The Canvas Floating Frame has no backing, only the sides, so if you want to frame your painting, you must select "STRETCHED" as the stretching option for your painting.

If you would like to receive your painting framed, please select a frame option through this page.

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This is Hyunah Kim. I paint abstract acrylic & oil paintings in a style that is unique and innovative in the modern art world. The paintings combine vivid bright colors that will illuminate any room and imbue it with an artistic modern look.

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